Sunday, November 26, 2006

Real-Life Tucker Max Bar Story

Another anonymous poster has posted a real-life Tucker Max bar story in the comments section of the previous post, "Here's A November 2006 Real-Life Tucker Max Story." If anyone else can verify the details of the story, you can add a comment to this post. This story was submitted by an anonymous poster on November 18, 2006 at 10:06 PM:

I've been out with Tucker on a number of occasions. Myself and another one of his ex fans used to remark on his awesome conquests as they are either "18, 92 or 235". Meaning most of them are 18 years old or younger, or have an IQ of below 92, or they weigh over 235 lbs. Yes he did hook up with some good looking girls, but most women laughed him off in his face. The quality of the girls he fucks is usually between "mentally unstable" to "whoa, that chick is really fucked up". Tucker thinks because a girl is hot, they are "A" game. I disagree, most of them are nothings who would 20 years ago would have been groupies for RATT or WASP.

He's a fraud, that I can tell you 1st hand.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here's A November 2006 Real-Life Tucker Max Story

An anonymous poster has written a real-life Tucker Max story in the comments section of the previous post, The Chicago Sun Times Exposes Tucker Max As A Douchebag. I have no way of verifying any details of this story, as it was submitted by an anonymous poster on November 14, 2006 at 12:03 PM:

Tucker clearly is effeminate, and he does seem to overcompensate for a lot of his issues, but I don't think he's a homosexual. I can understand if it's clearly your observation that he is gay, but if you're calling him one as an insult, I think you're missing the point.

Tucker isn't what he says he is on a lot of levels. I've played basketball against him, so I kind of know him. He states that he was an awesome hoops player. I truly disagree. He does have some skills, but none of them translate well into a game. He's usually among the third or forth tier players who get picked in our pickup games. It's funny watching him make this claim over and over, because he's overstating his level of achievement yet again, and I find that just to be a symptom of his malaise.

I've gone out with him twice after games. He's affable enough, but he's a joke after 3 or 4 beers. He's 30 years old and he still counts how many drinks he has, he refers to himself in the 3rd person and is obviously a bullshit artist. I can't stand people who put on a front, and Tucker is doing it to the nth degree. Some people might think this is cool, but in polite circles, he's just another big mouthed asshole. Over the course of the evening he kept bringing up the fact that he has a NY Times best seller. It kind of got old, but I did go out and buy his book to read it.

I wasn't impressed. I think his level of writing is slightly above Penthouse Letters, if only that his stories always have him as a central character. After meeting him to play hoops again, I knew the book was bullshit. He's not that quick witted in real life. I know this couldn't be the same guy who was the star of his book. In the bars in NY, Tucker didn't hook up for shit, because we weren't in his home turf, which seems to be college aged bars up above 23rd street. That's good for him, except he's 31 now, and he's becoming transparent to even then. On the 2nd night we hung out, he struck out all night, but ended up hooking up with a girl Tucker yelled at an hour earlier for being too fat. That seemed to be the level of quality he was used to.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Chicago Sun Times Exposes Tucker Max As A Douchebag

Someone posted a link in the comments section of a previous post to the blog article Sunday Lunch With Tucker Max at the website for the Chicago Sun Times. This blog article was written by a female reporter who followed Tucker Max around for a day when he did a book signing at a Chicago book store. This article clearly shows that Tucker Max's book tour hasn't gone as well he tries to make it seem. According to the author, Tucker Max only signed 41 books at the bookstore. He apparently received $1 for each book signed. After accounting for the cost of parking ($26), he ended the day ahead by only $15. However, after factoring in the cost of renting the SUV he drove to get to the book store, it is obvious that he lost money on the Chicago leg of his book signing tour.

The Chicago Times blog entry was posted in April 2006. Shortly after it went up on the website, the morons who kiss up to Tucker Max started this long message board thread bashing the blog author. Tucker Max and his followers are so delusional that they actually seem to believe that the author wrote the blog entry because she was jealous of Tucker Max because of he is a 'successful writer,' wanted to have sex with Tucker but was distraught when she realized it wasn't going to happen, or is just a man-hating bitch.

This is the blog article:
Sunday Lunch with Tucker Max

The downtown Books-A-Million, on South Clark Street, is not exactly located in the heart of Tucker Max country. Business-casual office workers and well-suited bankers on late-morning coffee breaks mostly cruise past the table stacked with Max's book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Citadel Press, 277 pages, $12.95), without so much as a second look.

Every now and then, though, someone stops. It's generally a guy, slightly sheepish. And he'll do a brief double-take, taking in the book and its recognizably obnoxious cover, and then gradually begin to focus in on Max himself, sitting behind the table, looking sleepy and hungover.


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