Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Tucker Max Story Exposed As A Fabrication

Tucker Max has a story on his website discussing a trip he took to Austin Texas. According to Tucker, he and a friend stayed in a hotel. Tucker became insanely drunk while he was returning to the hotel on one of his days staying there and literally shit his pants in the hotel lobby and then made his way to the lobby bathroom. Tucker claims that he threw his underwear in the sink where it lay covered in his own excrement. He also claims that he took off his pants that he had accidentally crapped on and then saw a Mexican janitor walking over to clean the bathroom. Tucker knew he had to leave the scene of the crime immediately, so he walked up the stairs or took the elevator back up to he room despite being naked and covered in his own shit.

Like most of Tucker Max's stories, this one sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Some of the people who having been leaving comments to my previous post claim to have made some phone calls and confirmed that the events described above never occurred.

Anonymous posted this at 10/17/2006 9:46 PM:

He also mentioned what hotel it was, Embassy Suites, check it out. I'm sure if you call and say you are a reporter investigating for a story they will let you in on the info.

Anoother Anonymous posted this follow-up message at 6:42 AM on 10/18/2006:

Embassy Suites, Austin TX


I spoke with the manager on duty, who has been working there for 6 years. They had no record of this event, and said that if this occured, they were sure to hear about it.

Also, I was told that if this happened, they wouldn't wait until the guest checked out. They would immeadiately be asked to leave the hotel.

Next time you want to have somebody call your bluff, make sure you're holding a stronger hand.

Tucker = Liar