Friday, February 24, 2006

Tucker Max's Over-Inflated Ego

I read somewhere that Tucker Max is looking for an intern to help him out with his website and burgeoning "career." He wants someone with a good college degree and knowledge of computers to help him. He plans on paying the intern a whopping $2k per month, which he advertises as being the equivalent of a salary higher than $2k per month because apparently neither he nor the intern are going to report this employment to the IRS.

Max actually believes that hundreds of qualified people are going to apply for his intern position because it's such a great opportunity. He also believes that working for him looks better on a resume than working as an intern for MTV!

What a douchebag! Everytime I think he's reached the pinnacle of douche-ness, he goes and tops himself. His over-inflated ego knows no bounds.

Here's my prediction - perhaps some idiot will work for him, but it certainly won't be a highly qualified college grad. It will be either be (a) another trust fund baby like himself who can perpetually leech off his family for money, or (b) a moron who was incapable of getting a real job. I also predict that Max will never get his own TV show and will be living in the gutter giving handjobs to bums in exchange for loose change within the next 5-10 years.