Monday, April 17, 2006 is Deleting Only Bad Reviews for Tucker Max's "Book"

I periodically check out the product page for Tucker Max's fictional "book," I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, to get a good chuckle out of reading the bad reviews. To be perfectly honest, I would bet that about 75% of the reviews for the book are fake reviews submitted either by Max's mindless followers or by people who think he's an incredible dickhead. Unfortunately, has been deleting some of the reviews. As far as I can tell, however, only negative reviews are being deleted. I know that negative reviews have been deleted because I did a search for all 1-star reviews a month ago and I know that there were more 1-star reviews last month than there are right now.

I don't know if Max is the culprit, but based on what I heard about his deletions of any comments criticla to him posted on his own website, I think it's safe to attribute the deletions to him. What a jackass! His ego is so fragile that he has to wipe out any negative opinions about him as soon as he possibly can.