Monday, February 20, 2012

Tucker Max Claims to Have Retired!

Tucker Max has recently been reflecting upon his life and seems to be unsatisfied with what he sees. In a recent interview published on the Forbes website, he claims that he is giving up writing books in the "fratire" genre. Tucker Max claims that the choice is his, although given the poor sales of his most recent book, it is doubtful that there was a market for another book of exaggerated/outright lies regarding hook-ups that allegedly occurred years ago.

Tucker hilariously exaggerates his life yet again in the interview, claiming that his writing career made him "rich," which seems highly doubtful given that he supposedly doesn't own property and leeches off friends when he travels and eats at restaurants without paying the restaurant bill.

Tucker comes tantalizingly close to admitting that he is a complete douchebag, noting that his earlier writings are full of self-loathing. He also admits that he is currently receiving psychoanalysis treatments to deal with his mental/emotional issues. Although he grew up in privilege, he blames many of the problems in his life on his parents.

Tucker also recently announced his retirement on his website. He had a message for his critics (whom he refers to as "haters"), such as me and the people who comment on this blog. Tucker still has a difficult time understanding why people don't believe his stories and think that he is a liar/dick. Again, he laughably claims that his critics are simply jealous people who have emotional issues and are self-loathing! This is what he wrote about his critics:
Another thing I learned in ten years of going from no one to someone in a very public, confident way, something that might apply to you in your life: If someone that doesn’t know you and has never been impacted by your actions feels a strong emotion about you–especially if it’s hate–it has nothing to do with you. This applies to all haters everywhere; people who hate on someone they don’t know who hasn’t done anything to them or in any way affected them, then the hate is 100% about the haters internal, unresolved emotional issues. Usually some combination of status envy, identity threat and self-loathing. It has nothing to do with the object of their hatred–that’s just a proxy for them to focus their issues outward and avoid facing them internally.

If you’ve ever done something cool in your life, you know what I’m talking about–the person who talks the most shit about what you did is the one most threatened by your accomplishment, or most jealous by what you did, because it was something they wanted to do, but either didn’t have the ability to do it, or the courage to even try. That’s just life. In a way, it’s actually good to have haters–it means you’ve done something with your life.


Of course people can always be snarky, they can take jabs, they can make up things about me–but they have to do it standing on the outside, looking in at me and my millions of fans. I don’t need to answer them. I was right, they were wrong, and everything negative that’s said about me now has to come from that perspective and with this caveat: I won.
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