Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tucker Max Gets Clowned On The Opie & Anthony Show

Tucker Max was a guest on the Opie and Anthony Show on June 27, 2006 plugging his "book," I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. I haven't listened to the entire interview, but apparently things got really interesting when Opie and Anthony started questioning the truthfulness of Tucker's stories. Things got so bad that by the end of the interview, Tucker Max supposedly looked like he was on the verge of tears.

This summary of what happened on the Opie and Anthony Show was posted on Wikipedia earlier today but was quickly deleted, probably by either Tucker Max himself or one of his mindless followers:
On June 27, 2006, Tucker appeared on the Opie and Anthony show on XM Satellite Radio. After telling his "Tucker Tries Butt-Sex" story, the interview quickly went sour. Upon further questioning, Max was unable to validate his story with the inability to be able to produce the tape in question, claiming that the cameraman vomited on it, thus destoying the tape. Max was also unable to produce a police report involving another woman's car and a parking mishap that resulted in a supposed collision with a donut shop. Opie and Anthony then led an unsuspecting Max into believing that his headphones had broken. While Max's headphones were off, Anthony told the audience that Tucker Max was a full of it, and called bravo sierra. The interview ended with allegations of Tucker being called a "liar" and comparisons to author James Frey. When leaving the studio, Opie allegedly threw his book at a window and tore it up. Max left the building giving poor Erock (show gopher) the middle finger. Tucker has since removed all mentions of this appearance on his website.

Tucker's appearance has been discussed in depth at the Opie and Anthony message board. Several Opie and Anthony fans have posted messages relating the interview and the truthfulness of Tucker on message boards on Tucker Max's website, but Tucker and his moderators deleted the messages right away. Tucker and his moderators supposedly have a reputation for quickly deleting any content from his message forums that is critical of him.

Here are two video clips of Tucker's appearance on the Opie and Anthony show from In the first clip, Opie and Anthony call Tucker out for writing unbelievable stories but not being able to provide proof that the events actually took place:

In the second clip, Opie and Anthony make a valiant attempt to put an end to Tucker Max's endless bullshitting by pulling the old "hey, the microphone isn't working" trick....which works like a charm.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Interesting Post About Tucker Max And His Followers

I discovered the following post about Tucker MAx and his mindless followers posted in the comments section for this article about Tucker Max from BlaggBlog. I don't even know who most of these people are. I did see a video of a fight between Cloud Starchaser and KungFu Mike, and Cloud fought KungFu to a draw and might have gotten the upper hand if KungFu's chubby friend hadn't intervened.

The whole Tucker Max phenomenon is a bunch of self promotion, hype, and alot of stupid tools, Tucker included. Ill admit some of his insults are good, but you have to wonder how many he actually came up with on the spot. His stories are filled with exaggeration. Ive been trolling his friends blogs, ripping the whole clique a new one. The whole "Tucker Max" clique is a bunch of asskissing retards following a no talent hack.

Tucker Max- is quickly on his way to becoming a F-list has been. Odds of him even doing a pilot for a show are now 1000 to 1. Although he wont admit it. Very big shit talker. Sassy.Like most shit talkers he cant back it up himself. He has to recruit an army of mindless retards eager to belong somewhere to do his bidding. Its no coincidence that many of his fans are or were in the military. A word of Advice, Tucker, no ones gonna be interested in seeing a 35 year old acting like a spoiled, drunken frat boy. Good Luck in the Future.

TheBunny- dumb, masochistic,average looking dyke/bisexual.OOOOHHH!! How special!!! And how original. Im so interested in her vapid insights... What do ya know, she's a huge fan of Montell Jordan. Why does this not suprise me?? Maybe if I kiss enough ass, I can get a crack at her worn out cunt. Maybe she'll bring another average looking,stretched out cunt from the obselete "Chicago Bomb Squad" and then we can have a mechanical 3-way, and feel "real cool" Claim to fame: dated F-list celeb Tucker Max. Can you get more pathetic??

Drunkasaurus Rex aka "DRex"- The stupid nickname should be an obvious warning sign to anyone. "Douchebag Over Here!!" Another Tucker Max idolizer/dicksucker/groupie this tool tries his best to imitate the talentless F-list hack in lifestyle,outlook and writing. And even though its hard to do, he manages to write worse than Tucker.

Luke Heidelberger- Goober Extraordinaire. Had a pic of a girls ass and a bottle of crisco oil photoshopped next to it, as his icon. "Up to the elbows" was his caption under the pic. Need I say more?

Kung Fu Mike- Looks fairly tough in pics, but video shows otherwise. Comes off as a short, immature, geeky,out of shape slacker with a bad haircut. His voice is unbeliveably nasal, and he is easily bullied by Tucker into starting fights he doesnt ant. Fought to a draw against out of shape fruitcake Cloud Starchaser. To top it all off, he sees himself as some great comedic talent, when its obvious he is a mediocre, borderline hack that uses tired unoriginal cliches, such as dressing up as a retard. LOL! This guy just keeps the kneeslappers coming! Watch out Gallagher!!! Yet his fan base in the Tucker Max community is widespread.

Hmmm. Makes you wonder...

its SoylentGreen- "Hey, I look like a bulked up reject from the WWF turned rent-a-cop. But I have a military background(surprise!) and consider myself a pretty macho guy overall. I really try, you know. I own all kinds of guns MAXXESMAMA
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85% Of The People Leaving Comments Here Are Morons

The majority of the people leaving comments here are apparently under the impression that everything Tucker Max writes on his website is true. They seem to think he is some kind of god who makes tons of money without really working and scores with lots of hot babes.

I have a news flash for you people - just because someone writes something and posts it on the Internet doesn't mean it is necessarily true. In real life people call blowhards on their bullshit stories. For some reason, however, the people who kiss Tucker Max's ass will believe anything he says without any proof whatsoever.

If he really is making a ton of money from his website, he should post some proof. Ask to see a copy of his tax returns. Also, if he does make a boatload of money, does he own any property? If not, it's probably because he's full of shit any is only surviving because he's a rich trust-fund kid whose parents still give him financial support at the ripe old age of 30.

And as for his claims of being a stud who gets laid all the time, look at this picture of him:
Do you honestly believe that someone who looks like that is getting lots of hot babes? There aren't too many dumpy-looking unemployed guys who score super-hot chicks. Maybe in reality he has no standards and only hooks up with 200 lb skanks. That would almost be believable. But I don't buy for even a second that he gets any above-average women.