Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Tucker Max Story Exposed As A Fabrication

Tucker Max has a story on his website discussing a trip he took to Austin Texas. According to Tucker, he and a friend stayed in a hotel. Tucker became insanely drunk while he was returning to the hotel on one of his days staying there and literally shit his pants in the hotel lobby and then made his way to the lobby bathroom. Tucker claims that he threw his underwear in the sink where it lay covered in his own excrement. He also claims that he took off his pants that he had accidentally crapped on and then saw a Mexican janitor walking over to clean the bathroom. Tucker knew he had to leave the scene of the crime immediately, so he walked up the stairs or took the elevator back up to he room despite being naked and covered in his own shit.

Like most of Tucker Max's stories, this one sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Some of the people who having been leaving comments to my previous post claim to have made some phone calls and confirmed that the events described above never occurred.

Anonymous posted this at 10/17/2006 9:46 PM:

He also mentioned what hotel it was, Embassy Suites, check it out. I'm sure if you call and say you are a reporter investigating for a story they will let you in on the info.

Anoother Anonymous posted this follow-up message at 6:42 AM on 10/18/2006:

Embassy Suites, Austin TX


I spoke with the manager on duty, who has been working there for 6 years. They had no record of this event, and said that if this occured, they were sure to hear about it.

Also, I was told that if this happened, they wouldn't wait until the guest checked out. They would immeadiately be asked to leave the hotel.

Next time you want to have somebody call your bluff, make sure you're holding a stronger hand.

Tucker = Liar


Anonymous said...

I called the number too. Same story from the manager. If this had happened, the guest would have been escorted back up to their room and asked to leave immeadiately. They have security as well as bellhops on duty 24/7. There was no report filed about a guest being kicked out or banned from Embassy Suites by the reasons Tucker expressed on his site.

I had my doubts, but this one is the kicker. Don't believe me. Call them yourself.

Anonymous said...


It's about time somebody exposed "Tucker Max" for the fraud that he is.

What a fucking douchebag.

Robot Dean Martin said...

You think that's weird, remember the time I auditioned for night rider? Boo-yah. Interesting site.

I figured I would get in on the action.

Anonymous said...

I called the hotel, and the manager told me the "situation" never happened. I also had the misfortune of viewing his site tonight. Apparently he has a girlfriend now and this is what he has to say about her

"You have to love this. I should have predicted this was going to happen, but for whatever reason I didn't.

I usually get about anywhere from 2-6 emails day from women regarding sex with me. Since announcing that I was now monogamous, not even a few hours ago, I've gotten like a dozen emails, and ALL of them say something to the effect of, "I don't want to fuck your girlfriend or have a threesome, I just want to fuck just you."

First off, why did they wait until now to email me? Not even three days ago I would have fucked them with no problem.

Secondly, why would they now email me? What is wrong with these women? Do they think I would just violate the trust my girlfriend has put in me, just so I could fuck them? Do they think I am lying about this? Seriously, what about me suggests that I am a cheater? Why the FUCK would I publicly commit to a girl, and then turn right around and cheat on her?

FYI--Ladies, you are wasting your time. If you want me, you have to take both. Otherwise, you are SOL. I know that part of the thrill for fucked up women is to try and get the ungettable, but you are talking about Tucker Max. I don't say one thing and do another. I would not commit if I didn't intend on being monogamous.

If you really need dick, please direct yourself to any of the fine males on this board.

EDIT: Fuck that, keep sending me fucked up emails saying you want me to cheat with you. They are pretty entertaining."

This guy is embarrassing himself, somebody needs to call him out on it already.

Anonymous said...

Just to get the record straight: A reporter tried to confirm Sushi Pants, and was unable to even find the restaurant Tucker seemed to be referring to, much less anybody who remembered it, despite the large crowd there.

The Buttsex story is full of many logical holes -- the major one being, it's so dark in the room that Tucker can't tell he's been crapped on, but somebody is still, supposedly videotaping it from the closet.

The Pepper Spray story is also logically impossible due to the construction of a pepper-spray canister and its safety cap -- you could lay on one all night and it wouldn't go off.

Tucker appears on the Anthony and Opie show, and completely lacks any of the brilliant sarcasm or cutting comebacks that he purports to have in his stories.

Tucker has pictures of himself at a party with Katy Miss America or whoever she was (although of course that doesn't mean he had sex with her) and pictures of himself with the girl who got "I Fucked Tucker Max" on her cooze. (Although the tatto should probably have been "I desperately fucked dozens of losers over the years, and Tucker Max was the culmination of it all").

Tucker has been unable to produce a police report for the absinthe donuts story -- anyone tried to find one? Surely, if an unindentified car crashed through the front of a shop, it would have made the papers.

Anonymous said...


Don't you know that ALL of his stories are 100% true? Just ask him!

Anonymous said...

Anybody see Tucker on MTV? It was a big feature story on him and internet dating.

Tucker isn't too proud of this segment. It showed him to be a stuttering drunk who women were none to pleased to be around. In the end he struck out a couple of times, never to hook up ON CAMERA. Then Tucker got sick (appendix) and the rest of the show was cancelled.

There's a reason why Tucker doesn't post a link to the video on his site. If it showed him in a positive light, I can bet that Tucker would have had that video up on his site.

It's who he is.

This site rocks. Keep exposing him for what he is, a fraud.

Anonymous said...

i don't get why you guys haven't teamed up to call him out already, he posts his schedule every month, what dates hes going to be where, and who he's going to be with. He's incredibly accessible at all times.

so what's the holdup pardnerz?

i have a plan, get one of your girlbuddies/friends to pretend to want a threesome with him and his girl, set up a meeting, and then have a group of you coolnesses show up and call him out in public in person.

it can't be that hard. come on now.

what is the FRIGGIN HOLDUP.
you keep syaing call him out call him out call him out call him out. yes, there are very many chances to "call him out" in public. WHAT IS THE FUCKIN HOLDUP PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

I'm not a "regular" on this blog, but you have some serious issues, in addition to reading comprehension.

I've read Tucker Max, and I found this blog linked Wikipedia. This blog is funnier than any of his stories, which I'm now convinced are gross exaggerations. What I don't understand is how some defend him. Do you think meeting him will resolve Tucker's inability to distinguish truth from fiction, or dissuade those who don't believe in his mendacity from posting to this blog?

What is it about Tucker Max that inspires you? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

To misquote TEAM AMERICA

Tucker Max is an asshole.

His fans are a bunch of pussies.

And we -- "the haterz" , the word which you white guys use to show you're down with the oppressed hip-hop stars of the world -- are dicks.

And dicks need to fuck assholes, or else the assholes are just gonna shit on everybody. The pussies are obviously full of shit too, since they're only an inch and a half away from assholes.

How could ANYBODY defend Tucker Max, even if you think his stories are funny? His stories feature him doing demeaning and humiliating things to fat chicks, insulting old people, driving while incredibly drunk (I hope some of his fans' children are playing in the road while he goes roaring off to his next vomit-and-shit festival) and physically and verbally abusing the girls he sleeps with. How can he NOT be a ready target to get some of it back?

Do any of you actually BELIEVE that "Tucker Max helps people!" garbage that he spews? So "he lives life by his own rules!" So did Ted Bundy, and plenty of other psychopaths. . .

And who the hell wants to fight the guy? What the hell does "calling him out" mean, anyway? What are we doing on this site other than "calling him out" since he won't allow ANY negative comments on his message board at all? Why isn't Tucker or his studs posting a rebuttal, or proof that any of this shit happens? Why does he just pretend the Opie and Anthony even never happened, if he's all about honesty?

Tucker Max has dug his own grave, lets toss the fucker in it.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Mark Ebner is considered an "investigative reporter" in the entertainment industry, but now hitches his wagon to Tucker and Rudius Media. Maybe I'd take him a little more seriously if he actually investigated the fraud that is Tucker Max. The same guy he plays poker with and accepted all of his stories on face value.

Ebner looks like a tool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks to whomever put this site up.

Anonymous said...

tucker gets shit on again. he oughta post a link to this blog and get his message board to wahoo us or whatever the fuck they call it. but wait, i keep forgetting he can't let his dumbshit fans see him get his ass kicked, hence the 1984-like moderation of his board.

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha the irony in you guys believing other people care about Tucker Max more than you guys do.

Anonymous said...

Can any of the other stories on there be proved or disproved one way or the other? Any other hard facts that can be checked? Most of the stories are just "I went out, got plastered, insulted some people, and screwed some anonymous trollop"

And you notice in that Katy Johnson story, even he says he didn't sleep with her on the night that he has videotapes of them together.

How about the midget convention? Did that actually happen?

Anonymous said...

all tucker max groupies should have some dignity and fuck off instead of letting me kick their asses time after time.

Anonymous said...

The time he claims he got arrested at Chicago O Hare could probably be checked.

I reckon the midget story is true, he's probably retarded enough to do something like that.

luke said...

To the guy who talked about his MTV appearance, is that on the web anywhere? I've looked on youtube with no success. I saw his appearance on Fox news and he was a nervous, dweeby retard. It's not even necessary to investigate his stories, just post some more videos of him and it's easy to see he's not at ALL like his Internet persona.

Anonymous said...

he admits in the o'hare story that people have called him on it. i actually laughed at that one, but upon further inspection, it's obvious bullshit.

Anonymous said...

There is an attorney named Brian S. Kelly at a Los Angeles law firm called Manatt, Phelps & Phillips. He used to be at Fenwick & West, the law firm where Tucker worked for one summer.

A few years ago he gave a lecture on computer and Internet law and somehow Tucker Max came up. He curtly said that Tucker's version of events is not what transpired at the firm. Granted, the law firm probably wanted to save its image, so his opinion might be taken with a grain of salt, but this is another person "in the know" whose B.S. meter went off after hearing of Tucker's escapades.

For those who do not believe this, Mr. Kelly can be seen on video stating this in the course "Advanced Issues in Software Licensing," available at if you are willing to spend $60.

Anonymous said... can't upload the video for us?

Anonymous said...

I am deeply suspicious about the Tucker Max internship. He basically claims that he was fired because the firm was scared he'd have sex with a partner, and that would ruin the power dynamic.

That's a crock of shit

In all likelihood Max got fired for being incompetent like the rest of we mere mortals. I'm sure his father came to the same conclusion when he later fired Tucker from the family restaurant business. Or did Tucker threaten to fuck his stepmom?

English Teacher X said...

Looks like an avalanche has started; there's a bit of a dispute about what Tucker's degree was in, as well. Check out the talkback section of the Tucker Max entry on Wikipedia and you will see the following:

Here's the link:

And you will read the following:

Tucker Max claims to have graduated from University of Chicago with an Econ degree. This claim is substantiated within one of his online stories:

Fat girl "Where did you go to school?"

Tucker "University of Chicago."

Fat girl "What was your degree in?"

Tucker "Econ."

Fat girl "Econ? What can you do with an econ degree?"

At that point, I was laughing so hard I had to walk away. D-Rock just shook his head.

Fat girl "No really, what can you do with an econ degree?"

Tucker "You obviously went to a state school. A BAD state school."

Fat girl "I want to know what you can do with an econ degree."

Tucker "Do you even know what finance is?"

Fat girl "You can't work in finance with an econ degree. You need a finance degree."

God bless her oversized heart. I haven't laughed that hard in months. While I composed myself, D-Rock tried to explain to her that an econ degree from the University of Chicago is one of the top five most marketable degrees, along with engineering/comp sci from MIT and maybe one or two Harvard degrees. And that a finance degree is basically just a watered down econ degree for stupid state school idiots.... (source: The value of a Michigan State education,

This clearly illustrates that Tucker Max tampers with the truth in order to deliver a more entertaining story.

Exactly how does this "illustrate" this fact? Dialog from one of his stories said he got an Econ degree, the Wiki says another. I fail to see the logic. --ljheidel 11:14, 6 August 2006 (UTC)

An Econ degree from University of Chicago requires four years of study, while the Law, Letters and Society degree is the lone three year program offered. This coincides with the term Max states he attended college. While this is circumstantial, there is no evidence supporting that he graduated with an Econ degree. If you feel this isn't accurate, find an outside source that confirms his claim, and rebut or delete what you feel is an incorrect Wiki entry.

Though an earlier contributor didn't have an online attribution, the contributor (Jlgolson 18:51, 13 July 2006) did evidentially see a University of Chicago facebook that listed Max as a Law, Letters and Society degree candidate. That too is circumstantial but it does produce corroborating evidence that his degree was indeed Law, Letters and Society. You of course could choose to believe that he finished an Econ degree in three years, and spent his senior year or so away from the campus partying in another country (another Max assertion), but most of us would question his credibility.

Anonymous said...

His wikipedia article is a mess. Mostly because Tucker cronies Jgolson and Luke Heidleberg are messing with the entry in order to attempt to omit a lot of embarrassing factors.

Somebody from here should alert The Smoking Gun about the total inconsistencies in Tucker's "true stories" that have been found on this website. If anything they might take up the case now that Tucker is bragging about making 300K on a new book deal. It makes him a better target then just some grade Z "internet celeb".

Anonymous said...

It seems that more people are getting bored with his routine. Traffic is down, and this is his peak season.

luke said...

Totally irrelevant question here, have any of you seen this "Mack Tight" site that you get redirected to if you type in

Holy effing crap. That guy almost makes Tucker look good. Possibly the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! The website is way more pathetic than Tucker Max's. Even though Tucker Max lies his ass off in his b.s. sotries, at least he was original. The macktight guy is just a Tucker Max wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Tucker claimed that he had asked The Smoking Gun to investigate him. Somebody oughta contact them and see about that. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he just made that up.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

fuck off.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

That he managed to fool a bunch of tools like Ebner and Bunny into thinking he's cool, as well as start a succesful Internet site, based on the kudos he got off of a bunch of stories which are looking inreasingly likely to be fabricated, is not too surprising.

Nice of one of Tucker's fans to reply, though, you guys were pretty at a loss for words after the Austin revealation. Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's all going to be over soon, though.

Frey's housewife audience didn't forgive him, I'm sure Tucker's frat boys are going to be far more vindictive when he's revealed as the helium-voiced bubble-head I'm emailing Smoking Gun with a link to the video of Tucker's blase little comment that he challenged him, and the link to this site.

Anonymous said...

10/25/2006 5:44 PM, those two are both zeros with fuck-all going for them. ebner's site gets absolute dick for traffic. robert greene is just some dipshit who writes self-help books. now get the fuck out of here before i rape you again.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen:

A very hilarious parody mocking Tucker Max and calling him out for being a liar.

Anonymous said...

rape me? over the internet?

my god, you're way too tough for this world hahahahhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Maybe if enough of Tucker's sycophants come here to bash this site his stories will suddenly become true.

You can fool some of the people all the time.

Anonymous said...

sarcasm. wow, cool man. you're like so original.

keep eating spoonfuls of shit.

Anonymous said...

The Midget Story is actually true, although it didn't really go down like Max suggested. Two people I know were with him the night it went down, and when they read the story, they both were a bit surprised how he twisted it a bit. He did fuck a midget, but his dialogue on paper does not reflect his dialogue in real life.

Also, I heard a lot of his time in Milwaukee was spent attached to his computer and cell phone, talking to board people. Nice "don't let this become your life" image, tool.

Cue The Smoking Gun.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know where to see the MTV video?

Anonymous said...

go eat spoon of shit? HAHHAHAHAH

oh man, online trash talk is so fun!


Anonymous said...

his jism-soaked hands are the cause of this erratic typing folks. he should at least take the time to wash them in between beat-off sessions.

Anonymous said...


oh fuck you guys are too tough for me, i swear im shaking.

Anonymous said...

the shaking is the result of the assfucking your dad is giving you. you just have to wait for him to finish.

Anonymous said...

there's a recurrent patern of incest jokes among the "haters".


Anonymous said...

I consider myself to be a Tucker Max fan, so I was very skeptical about this site. I saw the number and decided to call it this morning.

Needless to say, I'm pissed. His story was complete bullshit. I won't be buying his next book.

Anonymous said...

You have to love the pro-Tucker people who post here. When faced with some facts which ruin the image of their hero, they immediately engage in ad hominem attacks instead trying to respond to the facts which contradict Tucker's story.

Did any pro-Tucker people try to call the hotel? Did any of them try to call the reporter who exposed the sushi story as BS? Did any ask Tucker to respond to these charges? No. Instead they just ridicule anbody who questions Tucker's honesty.

Even a "Tucker was drunk, so he can't remember all of the details" would be a more substantive reply.

Anonymous said...

how many embassy suites do you think there are in austin texas.

just wondering.

Anonymous said...

According to the website, there are three Embassy Suites in the Austin, TX area:

Embassy Suites Hotel Austin-Downtown/Town Lake

Embassy Suites Hotel Austin-North

Embassy Suites Hotel Austin-Arboretum

Anonymous said...

hahah oh man,

i have to say, i actually like tucker max and his stories and frequent his board a lot,

but i cannot get enough of this blog and the comments!

too hilarious! keep it up

Anonymous said...

This is another article about him from the Chicago Sun-Times, that gives a real view of a moment from his supposedly fabulously succesful book tour:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

emm.. that actually does describe a pretty succesful book tour.
the editor talked about the number of women that showed up, the amount of books he signed, blablablabalb

how is that deprecating to tucker max?

remove comment plz.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I am not the one who added teh link, but I just read the Sun Times entry and agree that it makes him look like a douche.

According to the article he received $1 for each book he signed. He only signed 41 books at the Chicago bookstore. After accounting for the cost of parking ($26), he was only ahead by $15. Once you factor in the cost of renting the SUV, it's obvious that his booksigning was a complete failure.

Also, the journalist mentioned that hardly anyone in the bookstore knew who he was or bothered to stop by the table. She also intimates that he came across as very arrogant turd.

Anonymous said...

Called all three numbers.

Not one of them has a record of this event ever happening. One manager said that if something like this were to occur, they would not just send a janitor or maid to clean up, but call in somebody to disinfect the entire area. Not one of the hotels ever had this service rendered during the time period that Tucker describes (I said from 1999 until 2004).

Also, a manager who has been with Embassy Suites in Austin since 1996 told me that, if this event were to happen, the person would never have been allowed to go up to their room, as they would have had security handle the situation and alert the proper authorities (ambulance or police).

Anonymous said...

i called the 8004 number, the person on the phone gave me to the manager or whatever who said they didn't have the authority to disclose the 'do not accomodate' list or to discuss said past events and that if i was a journalist (i said i was a journalist/reporter) that i would have to call their "Investor Relations" headquarters.

They actually sounded kind of scared on the phone


Anonymous said...

wait, did he or didn't he

some of you are getting answers, some of you aren't being told any information from the numbers.

what's going on

Anonymous said...

what the hell are you guys saying on the phone?

I'm not getting any information either

Anonymous said...

"and I can guarantee that she is a humanities major at a state school."

ooh, you fucked her up good tucker. she goes to a state school. fucking burn.

if you don't hate this fucking guy, you're dumb. he's a snot-nosed spoiled rich kid and every word out of his silver spoon-fed mouth makes me wanna fucking glass him.

Anonymous said...

A pretty successful book tour? The article says that at his appearance at a major Chicago bookstore, he cleared a grand total of $15, minus the amount to rent the RV. The first paragraph states that most of the people in the store ignored him completely.

In the frat houses in did fine, I'm sure, in the real world, nobody much gave a shit.

Anonymous said...

it's just more of tucker's bullshit. he invited himself to the bookstores or, barring that, invited himself to a frat house/bar and sold the books himself. it's the most laughable fucking mickey mouse operation you can possibly imagine.

Anonymous said...


i have to say, i like tucker max and frequent his board a lot cuz it makes me laugh, same with this comment section. it makes me laugh.

so whoever said that anyonewho likes tucker max is dumb, that's a really stupid generalizing statement.

carry on.

Anonymous said...

do you think all these people are stupid too?

Anonymous said...


hahaha GOOD. for liking tucker max, those people DESERVE to die.

fucking morons. they probably fuck each other up the asses.

Anonymous said...

yeah, out of the few million people in the military, i'm sure a few are dumbshits. or maybe they're just being misled.

at the very least, their judgement is highly suspect for being tricked into believing his totally implausible stories.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha lets hope more of tuckers fans join the military, its those kind of people we need on the front line

Saving our country and wiping out stupidity all at once! Ahhaah at least now we can thank the terrorists for SOMEthing.

Anonymous said...

I respect out country's servicemen. I don't think it is appropriate to write nasty things about those people fighting for the U.S. just because a couple of them apparently like Tucker Max. Americans fighting over in Iraq need to strive for a mythical "fantasyland" where someone like Tucker Max rules and all is good to keep their minds off the bullets whizzing past their heads.

When they return home and get a dose of reality, I'm sure that they, like most of the people who have been posting here, will realize that Tucker Max is a doucebag to the 10th degree. All they need to do is watch the video of Tucker on the Opie and Anthony Show to realize what a pussy Tucker is.

Anonymous said...

fuck those guys, they deserve to die for liking max.

if you say otherwise, you're a fucking fanboy.

Anonymous said...

"All they need to do is watch the video of Tucker on the Opie and Anthony Show to realize what a pussy Tucker is."

thats really sad that you think like this.

Anonymous said...

i think it's safe to say that if any of those guys actually met max, they wouldn't be such fans. most people have better judgement than his average virginal fanboy.

or they're just dumb. wouldn't surprise me. plenty of dummies in the military.

Anonymous said...

now fuck off you melodramatic piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

fuck those guys, they deserve to die for liking max.

if you say otherwise, you're a fucking fanboy.

Eat shit and die, you fucking asshole. Those guys are shooting up radical MOOSElimb jihadi motherfuckers so you can have the right to wack off to gay porn. Thing those head-chopping freaks will let you get your anus probed under shari'a law? No - it'll be "HASAN, CHOP!" and that's all folks.

So what if they like Tucker Max? It's probably just a silly distraction from having to live in the shithole of the Middle East for a few months. I'm sure if Tucker insulted their sisters they'd fuck him up good in a second.

Tucker Max might be a piece of shit, but he doesn't want to destroy the USA, Western Europe, Australia, or any other place that doesn't follow radical islam.

Anonymous said...

spot a joke when you see it dipshit.

Anonymous said...

there are pictures of TM with those fucking losers, meaning those fucking dumbasses me that fucking moron in real life, and STILL like him.

fuck that, they deserve to die, you fucking fan boy. go fuck your mother you pussy-loving piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

they, like you, are stupid fucks, and whether they're in the military means sweet fuck all. one day, if you ever cease to be a housebound loser, you may actually meet a real person who was in the army, and they'll be happy to tell you that the organization is rife with dumbshit meatheads.

Anonymous said...

don't you get it?

it doesn't matter if they're risking their lives for this country.



Anonymous said...

I don't like tucker either which is why i came here. but reading these past comments about the military deserving to die just because they're fans...

you guys are fucking delusional.

i'd rather be a tucker fan, seriously, you guys are fucking nuts.

Anonymous said...

uhh... yeah i agree with the post above. if this is what all tucker "haters" are like, fuck this shit.

Anonymous said...

are you familiar with the concept of sarcasm you stupid, dozy shits?

Anonymous said...

Get a grasp on sarcasm, ok?


Most of us "Hatarz" can respect the military and still think Tucker Max is a douchebag.

As previously mentioned, a lot of our military boys need something to grasp on to, to maintain sanity while under constant threat of death via sniper, suicide bomber, or roadside IED.

After all, most of them are 18-24, mere kids.

A decent proportion are virgins as well.

They NEED somebody like TM to delude them and give them something to "look forward to".

They'll realize in their own time what a douche he is.

But I won't fault them for clinging to fantasys while they're under fire.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, come on, those were undercover Tucker fans who were mocking us by saying those guys deserve to die -- probably the same guy who keeps leaving all-cap messages "HATE HATE HATE! TUCKER MAX IS A FRAUD! BUNNY ISN'T REAL, EITHER!" -- that sort of shit.

No intelligent person -- which would include most people who think Tucker Max is stupid -- would wish some poor bunch of GIs to die because they like him.

Anyway, we're talking about why Tucker Max is a douchebag, not George Bush -- this is getting off-topic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious that some dipshit is pretending to hate GIs, in a lame effort to defend Tucker Max?

You've been trolled by a 14 year old.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (2:48), you're probably right. It probably is the undercover Tucker Max fan who writes in all-caps. Isn't that the asian guy who got pissed when someone told he was insucure because of his tiny asian cock in the comments section of a previous post here?

Felicia said...

I just finished Tucker Max's scum-sucking book and realized I'll never be able to regain the time lost. I like your blog and have a blog myself on this The latest is about my horrible experience with his book.

Keep uncovering how much of an asshole this guy is. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

damn you guys are some angry people.

Anonymous said...

Felicia's review is good. You should all look at it.

She also has an article about an attempted interview w/ Max undertaken by a U-Minn student. The guy really is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

you guys are all fucking tools...who cares if his stories are made up or not? Honestly, who gives a shit? Apparently you don't realize you're driving interest about him, not stopping it...morons

Anonymous said...

you guys are all fucking tools...who cares if his stories are made up or not? Honestly, who gives a shit? Apparently you don't realize you're driving interest about him, not stopping it...morons

Anonymous said...

"you guys are all fucking tools...who cares if his stories are made up or not? Honestly, who gives a shit? Apparently you don't realize you're driving interest about him, not stopping it...morons "

Uh, his book publisher, literary agent, and his fans will care if Tucker is doing a James Frey job on his stories. It's what people call "fraud". He can't get in trouble for it legally, but he'd lose a lot of fans if they knew he was lying to them when he claimed all his stories are 100% true.

He would most likely lose his big book deal, his big 300K paycheck, and a lot of popularity. His TV deal? Gone. Nobody is going to want to work with a James Frey wannabe who is garnering a lot of negative press.

Perhaps you like to be lied to, but I do not. If his stories are fraudulant, which I now believe they are, he has lost me as a fan and I will not be buying his next book.

The sad thing is that Tucker, while not technically a good writer, is a great story teller. I just wouldn't have told the world that every single thing in his stories is 100% true. If a small blog like this can expose him as a liar, then think what is going to happen if he gets more popular and the mass media latches onto the fact that his stories aren't 100% true.

But go ahead, say it "doesn't matter". Enable Tucker to go off and tell bullshit stories that he claims as truth. It is you and not me who is setting him up for a HUGE fall.

jet219us said...

As far as the embassy suites story, tucker max has actually addressed it on TMMB. Embassy suites merged with another hotel or chain, and in the process, the ban on tuckermax slipped through the cracks and is now gone. I'm not saying its true or not, BUT he has addressed it. Maybe someone should check up on that.
Also about the buttsex story, you guys seem to forget something. 1) that tucker SAID he was so drunk by the time he got back that he FORGOT there was someone in the closet. Tucker had no idea, and obviously the dood in the closet isnt going to run out and say "dood turn on the lights so i can see you better". And tucker said OUTLOUD "did you just crap on my dick", probably loud enough for the friend to hear it. The sushi pants story sounds a little questionable, i think tucker should address that one more, but it is also true that he was super shit-faced that nite. I've been super-shit faced in downtown vegas, VERY surprised to hear from my friends the next day that I actually did make it to the Strip with them. That was very surprising, b/c i didn't remember it then. But then i vaguely remembered being detained in a security office at a 5-star hotel. I wouldn't have been able to tell ANYONE about it had my friends not refreshed my memory.
Lastly, keep in mind something. Tucker has ALSO said, ON fox news, that it's not his entire life, he has a normal life like other people. He just doesn't want to write about the ordinary, mundane shit. NOWHERE in IHTSBIH does it say I do this EVERY DAY, 24 7. He said he just focuses on the interesting things to make an interesting read. He's also said from 19-27, he's gotten rejected ALOT, far more than getting accepted. Seriously, if you're not a celebrity and you want to bang lotta hot chicks, that is BOUND to happen in the beginning. He's also said that he's fucked alotta ugly girls. Haters pointing that out aren't bringing something new to the table.
There's nothing wrong with trying to punch holes in his story, but what im seeing here is that tucker can't validate his stories, but no one has pointed out something that directly INVALIDATES his stories either.

Anonymous said...

I love how neither side has any truly legitimate facts either way, just random people on the internet vouching for them
why don't you call him out, rather than just post this on a blog that probably doesn't get much traffic?

Mark said...

I'll state this from the start: 1) I'm a Tucker Max fan. 2) There are 92 posts on this and there's no fucking way I read through all of them

I browsed through the site and agree with a few points, but every one of you, especially you Cockly McBeefswell, are obsessed with specific details.

Tucker admittedly changes details from stories to avoid legal implications, so is changing the name of a hotel chain that hard to believe?

Regardless, his more recent stories are clearly different from his stories of debauchery back then. If you actually feel the need to research (or strictly hold your own opinions, it doesn't really matter), you'll realize that you are in a far more lonely place than Tucker Max.

Anonymous said...

You people are the biggest group of whiny ass pussy bitches ever. Seriously, how the fuck can you build up an entire site to someone because the exaggerate some stories. Is it that you constantly fuck fat people, and now your mad that someone is ripping on fat broads? Or is it just that you have nothing better to do with your lives? Seriously, its pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

if i ever met any one of you anonomys people talking like that about the soldiers i would slit your throat where you stand. im not even joking, being an "internet tough guy" i would fucking slit your throat. you talk big and bad on the internet, and yeah i hate tucker too, but you're a little geek punk talking shit about us fucking soldiers, much less war veterans, like that. you better watch yourself.

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you made a website investigating the veracity of drunken stories told by a dude? all of you are douche nerd tools

Joey said...

Maybe you dumb butt fuckers should just leave him alone. He is writing these short stories for peoples humor. Who cares if it's fucking true it's funny so fuck all of you illiterate cock suckers. I give props to Tucker max for even having the balls to write about his own embarrassing inccidents. Fuck all of you. Joey Cook

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that he states at the beginning of the book, that names and places are mostly changed, so the sushi pants and embassy suites revealing can't really be taken seriously, since you were looking for something he said might not even be true. I don't consider myself a fan or a hater, how can i be a fan of a drunk narcissistic 30-year-old kid that just gets away with anything? Still i like reading the stories, to me it's just comedy and that's it. And seriously how can you get so involved with something that doesn't even concern you? If one of you were the girls he allegedly puked on or whatever then i might understand it but this is just obsessive behaviour, i found the book highly entertaining and deeply disturbing if i might say so, but not more, i'ts not very well written considering his self-centered style and the obvious liking of the terms "full-on" and "whatnot". I don't really understand why you waste your time trying to prove that he's a liar, if you like the books, great, if you don't, let it go. And if you do what you are doing here you are basically helping him, you should know best that he feasts on people like you putting him into the centre of attention being pissed off with him so easily. If you can't take a joke, fuck you. To put it in his words.

Anonymous said...

You people are so sad. Reading this shit is hilarious. You honestly have nothing better to do than become "investigative reporters" for a day and gain undeniable truth that 'Tucker Max is telling lies omg!'. What do you get out of this? Honestly ask yourself that? You people make me sick. I'm not necessarily saying I believe 100% everything Tucker has written is true. It doesn't matter to me if it's true or not as it will never have an effect on my life. His stories are funny and I enjoy reading them. You're just a bunch of sad, lowly, bitter, worthless individuals. Try to do something positive with your shitty lives before you grow old and realized all you did was complain for them.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Hey, did didn't realize that the real Tugger Max posted comments here!

Daphne Keely said...

I Find his book to be hilarious! I'm very entertained by his book, yall can't take a joke.

Anonymous said...

You all are silly for thinking the book was 100% true in the first place. Reality is boring. This is why "Reality Television" is fabricated and altered..wake up please


U guys r pussies said...

WOW. U people are fucking pathetic. The fact u created a website to bash him proves how awesome he really is. u clearly r jealous of this guy cuz seriously who wastes their time trying to debunk stories. get a fucking life. if u dnt giv a shit about the guy u wouldnt be posting ur bullshit. LOL telling idiots how fucking pathetic they are. i feel like tucker max LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that sadly, on a college campus, I have often walked into a stall and found "stained" undergarments on the floor in a stall.

Anonymous said...

you people suck....seriously shut up,if you hate him do the smart thing and shut up about posting such ridiculous amounts of hate commentary you are in fact fueling his business and putting more money in his pocket

Robert Arcuri said...

I wholeheartedly agree.